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Better Collaboration For A Modern Business

Trying to get everyone in one place for a meeting or important discussion can be difficult and as your business continues to expand, the higher the need for effective collaboration tools. If you consider yourself a modern business, then you will most likely have remote workers. Remote workers [...]

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What Is Cisco Umbrella?

Cisco Umbrella is a fast, easy way to protect users wherever they access the internet, whether they are connected to your internal network or not. Cisco Umbrella is the world’s first cloud based Secure Internet Gateway. It provides protection from threats by routing potentially dangerous DNS requests through their [...]

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Jargon Busting – Techie Terms Explained

There are lots of tech based terms when it comes to networks. So, to help you get your head around them, we've explained them in plain English. WiFi A standard for connecting devices using radio waves. The term Wi-Fi does not stand for anything, but is a trademarked [...]

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Why Do I Need To Upgrade My Network?

All network traffic is going to increase with the integration of IoT in to everyday life, but many networks aren’t ready for it. Here are a few reasons you will need to upgrade.  Your network traffic is going to increase! The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and a host [...]

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Why Is Great IT Infrastructure So Important?

Why Is Great IT Infrastructure So Important? Having a great IT infrastructure has become increasingly important over the last few years. With the continued development of the Internet of Things, the increasing need for instant gratification and reliability and the ever-growing concerns about security, your IT infrastructure is [...]

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The E-Privacy Regulation – What It Means For Your Business

While the European business community awaits and adapts to the upcoming GDPR legislation, the EU e-Privacy changes have not garnered the same level of attention. Although the new rules are not yet in force, it is essential that companies start to take on board what the changes will mean, and how they [...]

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