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If you are planning a network upgrade, you can always offset the cost of your new hardware by selling your existing infrastructure to us. 

At Equipment HQ, we understand that sometimes businesses just want their infrastructure to be faster or more agile. By taking advantage of our buy-back services, you can trade in your existing equipment against any new hardware you buy from us.

It’s easy to arrange a free audit of your equipment!

If you are planning a comprehensive upgrade to your business’ network, you are likely to have a substantial amount of hardware and telephony that’s destined to gather dust in your back office.

If that’s the case, give us a call to arrange a free on-site audit of your existing hardware and telephony. We’ll provide a comprehensive inventory of your existing infrastructure, helping you to realise and translate the true value of your equipment.

You’ll have the option of trading in the equipment with us for a same-day bank transfer or cash lump sum. Alternatively, you can trade it against any new hardware that you buy from us – an economical and eco-friendly solution.

Sensitive Data? No problem!

All too often the data housed within existing network hardware can be overlooked by businesses that sell or recycle their used infrastructure. At Equipment HQ, we help our clients to protect their sensitive data by undertaking comprehensive data wipes and overwrites, depending on the hardware involved.

The overall aim is to remove the likelihood of business-critical data falling into the wrong hands of third parties, giving you genuine peace of mind.

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