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The Environmental Benefits of Second-Hand Cisco and Juniper Networking Equipment

26 January 2024

The Environmental Benefits of Second-Hand Cisco and Juniper Networking Equipment

While having the latest networking equipment can seem like the right investment, there are many benefits that come from having second-hand Cisco and Juniper equipment. Recycled and refurbished Cisco switches offer high-quality networking at a relatively low cost as well as specific features that may not be available on newer equipment. One of the most important benefits of using second-hand Cisco and Juniper networking equipment is that it helps the environment in the long term. Here are some of the ways networking equipment like refurbished Cisco switches can be beneficial to the environment.

1. Reusing Equipment Reduces Emissions

One of the most significant contributors to carbon emissions is the production of new capital goods, which includes new networking equipment. The energy and resources used to create each new piece of equipment greatly increase this carbon footprint. While newer networking equipment may be more energy efficient compared to older models, reusing these older models and reducing demand for new ones will decrease the amount of emissions produced and have a greater impact on the environment in the long term.

2. Reuse Helps Prevent Resource Depletion

Another environmental factor related to the production of networking equipment is the use of finite resources. The greater the demand for new equipment, the more resources are consumed in making them. This in turn can lead to a scarcity of certain resources in addition to damage to the environment when extracting them and an increase in waste and pollution. Reusing existing equipment helps contribute to a circular economy, allowing more companies to have access to good quality networking equipment without relying on the latest models.

3. Reusing Equipment Increases Availability

In today’s fast-paced world, even the latest piece of networking hardware can be superseded overnight by new advances in digital technology. That said, even if demand for this new technology is high, access may be limited to only a few at first. Rather than rushing out to purchase new equipment the moment it drops, keep a hold of your current networking system to allow the new technology to be better distributed. This way more companies will have access to this new technology, leading to lower costs and a greater overall impact.

4. Reuse Increases the Equipment’s Lifecycle

Even if you no longer need your existing networking equipment and plan on upgrading to a more recent model, refurbishing your old equipment is still a great way to continue its lifespan. Other companies can always make use of the equipment which not only benefits them as they get great networking equipment at lower costs, but it also helps cut down on waste. As such, always consider recycling and refurbishment when replacing your old equipment.

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