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Computer Recycling – WEEE Compliant Disposal & Data Destruction Service

If you think your old IT kit or network hardware has come to the end of its life, we can help you.

After assessment, we will collect it from you and dispose of it. We are a registered waste carrier with the Environmental Agency (CBDU139943) meaning the destruction is fully WEEE compliant.

We will send you a full data wipe certification so you have peace of mind that there’s been no breach of security. We also offer a complete IT clearance service (following an audit) and a free nationwide pick up service.

If you have any kit you no longer need, submit your details here or give us a call on +44 (0) 1279 656 731.

Refurbish Cisco Equipment, Refurbished Servers – We Repair and Recycle Network Hardware

Network hardware recycling is essential to your business for a number of reasons. The first is that government guidelines state that the disposal of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) is regulated to reduce the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) incinerated or sent to landfill sites.

The second reason is that network hardware recycling helps prevent the compromise of your organisation’s sensitive data. Competitors, cybercriminals, and identity thieves can recover data from your network hardware and use it to steal product development plans, client lists, employee information, and intellectual property, etc. You get the picture.

Network hardware recycling with Equipment HQ ensures your data is properly and efficiently destroyed so nobody can acquire your organisation’s sensitive information.

The final reason to recycle your network hardware is because it can help your local community. When Equipment HQ recycles your network hardware, we take apart the hardware to find the parts that can be refurbished and reused. 

We will also offer you the best value ‘buy back’ price for any redundant networking kit you no longer require but that still holds market value.

Old Hardware?

All hardware has a lifespan

Let Equipment HQ recycle it

We have multiple options for you to upgrade your IT networks. Recycle your old network hardware.

Recycle Network Equipment

Avoid landfill and save money

Be green and save money

Recycling is not only good for the planet but it will save you money by utilising our buy-back scheme

Data Destruction

Protect your sensitive data

Completely secure

We can safely and securely destroy your data along with your old network hardware by using our network hardware disposal options.

Data Destruction Certification

We are fully WEEE compliant

Your hardcopy of proof

You will receive a certification of proof that your data has been completely wiped and destroyed.

Buy-Back Options

Utilise Equipment HQ's buy-back scheme

Save money on your old networking gear

Offset the cost of your new hardware by using our buy-back options for your old network hardware

Why Should I Recycle My Network Equipment?

Network hardware recycling is more important now than ever before as we navigate a world of complex technology and computing networks. With technology in a constant state of development, network hardware becomes installed and replaced within a few years just to keep a functional, reliable, and efficient computing web throughout an organisation.

These days network hardware is replaced at such a constant rate, so it’s important that this equipment is being disposed of in an acceptable fashion. Equipment HQ offers organisations the ability to properly recycle their unused, unwanted and old network hardware in a safe and secure manner.

What’s more, your organisation doesn’t have to worry about losing valuable time or productivity trying to pack up and send off your unwanted network hardware. Equipment HQ comes to your place of business to pick up your old network hardware for responsible recycling.

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