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What Is Cloud Storage?

5 May 2021

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is where data and files are kept in an off site server that you can access fast from any place. The servers are maintained by a dedicated third party provider who hosts, manages and maintains the infrastructure. It is the role of this provider to make sure that you have access to this data at any time you need it. More businesses are using cloud services like Google Drive for convenience, low costs and more capacity. So, what are the benefits of cloud storage? What are the cons of cloud computing that other options can do better? Also, is storing data in the cloud more secure?

Benefits of cloud storage

There are several distinct benefits to using cloud services like Google Drive to store your digital information:

  • All data is stored off site by a third-party provider who assumes all responsibilities for its management and security. This frees you to focus more on your own work and other tasks.
  • Cloud services are quick to access and use without the time and expense of adding storage capacity on site.
  • Because you only pay for the storage capacity you need, this can help you save on costs in the long term.
  • With cloud services you can scale your capacity as much as you need without worrying about on site space constraints.
  • Should any damage occur to your business, having off site data storage will make sure none of your digital information is lost.

Cons of cloud computing

While there are many benefits to cloud computing, there are some cons compared to traditional storage methods like floppy disks and flash drives that you should consider:

  • While cloud service providers are always improving their security, breaches can still occur that can compromise data.
  • Offloading data to third party servers offers a lot of convenience but can limit your control over it.
  • If the network has a lot of users and not enough bandwidth then accessing data will be much more slow.
  • Some cloud providers may not be able to guarantee the compliance and privacy measures needed for your data (e.g. financial records, hospital records).

Is cloud storage secure?

While cloud storage services do make an effort to maintain the security of data and networks, not all are able to meet the safety requirements you need. That is why it is important to look for an established cloud service that has experience working with similar businesses. Ask them what security services they provide to protect your data, including access and authentication policies. Also make sure they are able to comply in full with any regulations that govern your data. Finally, check what backup and recovery services they offer in the case of disaster. A good example of a secure cloud service is Cisco Umbrella who can route any risky DNS requests through a proxy without impacting speed or performance.

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