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Remote Working – Network Security Tips

26 August 2021

Cyber Security Work From Home

Over the last year, all kinds of companies have been adapting to working from home. But though things are beginning to open up again, not all companies are choosing to move back into the office just yet. Home work has its benefits, but one definite draw back is that you don’t have access to office equipment. This means more than just hardware. Modern office networks are full of security features. The chances are your home network is not so secure.

So, with home working set to continue into the future, now’s a good time to make sure your home network is as safe as it can be.

Read on for some tips to help you boost your cyber security while you work from home.

Cyber Security Work From Home

Easy Ways to Maximise Cyber Security While You Work from Home

Before we get into the software side of things, its important to remember physical security. Keep laptops, personal devices and office documents safe from theft by locking them away. This can prevent theft, or more innocent, accidental tampering by family members and children.

Whilst we’re on the topic, creating a clear boundary between work and personal devices is one way to prevent security breaches. At the end of the work day switch to your personal devices for leisure.

At the heart of your home network is your router. Far too many homes leave their networks open to attack by neglecting to change their default password. Changing your routers password from its default password to a unique, hard-to-guess password will provide an immediate boost to security.

Next, you’ll want to encrypt your devices. Often, an employer will turn this on for you, but if this is not the case you should definitely do it yourself. Encryption encodes your information so that only authorised recipients can read it. Device encryption can be easily enabled on Windows 10 and MacOS.

Software developers are constantly innovating to outwit cyber criminals. To reap the benefits of their hard work, be sure to keep all your software and hardware updated. This includes your router, operating system, browsers and applications.

Equipment HQ: Leaders in Network Installation

Each of these ways of boosting cybersecurity as you work from home can make a big difference. Developers work hard to make their cyber security solutions simple to use to maintain. However, far too many households across the country still neglect network safety. Don’t get caught out, take just a short amount of time to tightening up your network. With work from home set to continue there’s no better time than the present to keep your network safe.

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