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At Equipment HQ, we work with many of the leading networking brands, including Cisco, HP, Juniper, Sun Systems and Alcatel to provide our clients with state-of-the-art network hardware that future-proofs the security and efficiency of your business’ digital infrastructure.

We specialise in Cisco, Juniper and HP hardware

Founded in 1984, Cisco has become one of the leading brands in the networking industry. This is one of the main reasons we source and distribute Cisco products for our valued clients. When combined with our buy-back options, it’s also possible to offset the initial cost of new Cisco hardware by recycling your older networking hardware simultaneously.


We also buy and sell products from Juniper Networks, which is a company that aims to simplify the complexities of networking. We find that Juniper Networks hardware offers an effective and cost-effective solution for our clients. You can also offset the costs of new data installations by using our buy-back services for existing network hardware.


With a history dating back as far as 1939, HP has become a global powerhouse regarding all things computing. Equipment HQ supplies existing networks with HP products and our engineers can undertake complete installations using new HP hardware. Our buy-back services can also offset the new installations or upgrades you are looking for.

Why choose Cisco networking solutions?

Cisco cloud and management systems can optimise the management of your network infrastructures. Cisco offers a complete range of management products to help you simplify and enhance your business using the latest technologies in communication systems.

The benefits of Cisco networking systems are four-fold:
1. A streamlined system helps to bring your company’s own services and products to market faster.
2. Thanks to Cisco’s highly regarded user experience, your business will be able to deliver a high-end user service.
3. Cisco’s user experience also simplifies network management and control of data centres.
4. Cisco adheres strictly to industry standards, making it easy to incorporate their software into existing business models with ease.

The importance of upgrading your network

Unlike a wired network, which glues users to a computer desk, a wireless local area network (WLAN) enables flexible mobile network access. By untethering your users and enabling them to work where and when they need to, employees can harness their newfound flexibility and can improve their productivity whilst reducing costs, cabling and set up time.

A WLAN allows businesses like yours to connect devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones to the internet, corporate network and applications. Using radio waves broadcasted from various access points, devices will stay connected to the network from any location, completely untethered.

At Equipment HQ, our networking specialists can take the time to understand your networking requirements, as well as your existing infrastructure and site layout. Using state-of-the-art site surveying software, we can produce a wireless design displaying access point locations and heat maps to demonstrate potential network performance. Our design focuses heavily on not only maintaining wireless coverage but that your new solution can support the necessary density of devices to ensure a successful deployment.

Is refurbished networking hardware suitable for my business?

For businesses on a tighter budget, we also stock a huge and varied range of refurbished network hardware. Each refurbished product is rigorously tested in-house by our engineers and restored to ‘as new’ working condition.

Moreover, you’ll have genuine peace of mind knowing that any refurbished hardware supplied by us is guaranteed with a free 12-month warranty.
You can also get refurbished stock, despatched on the same day as your order, allowing us to deliver it to you within a matter of hours.

Our networking consultants and engineers are passionate about keeping you and your network connected. For all your networking and telephony needs, be sure to browse our extensive range of new and refurbished hardware, spanning servers, switches, firewalls, routers, power supplies and desktops. Refurbished Servers – UK Hardware Recycling Experts.

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