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Since 1984, Cisco has been one of the leading manufacturers of networking equipment in the business sector.

Cisco is popular for its simplified process that makes running networks easier, and for its scalability which allows them to adapt to any business network. Whether you are looking for brand-new Cisco network equipment or refurbished second-hand servers, we have a wide variety of Cisco equipment for sale at affordable prices. You can even trade in your existing equipment for a discount on the latest models. Take a look at some of our options for high-quality Cisco products below.

Why Buy Cisco Equipment?

Over the years Cisco has built up a reputation for reliable and easy-to-use networking hardware. Designed to make running a network much easier, Cisco equipment offers streamlined processes for many network tasks. Cisco products are designed to be compatible with existing network software and hardware, plus you only need to purchase the components you require rather than the full package. Finally, Cisco is always improving its products based on user feedback, so you can guarantee that what you get is of the highest quality. As such, there are many benefits to purchasing Cisco products for your business network.

Buying Cisco Products from Us

Here at Equipment HQ, we supply both the latest Cisco products on the market, as well as refurbished second-hand servers and other networking hardware. All our refurbished network hardware has been thoroughly tested by our in-house team of engineers and has been restored so that everything works like new. This is an excellent choice for any business looking to save on costs as even old Cisco equipment offers excellent networking capabilities. You can even trade in your old Cisco hardware to offset the cost of purchasing and installing newer products on the market. When you purchase Cisco products from us, we will ensure you have the best networking hardware for your business setup.

Our Products

Here are some of the Cisco products we have on offer:

  • Wired Routers – Perfect for connecting all computers in an office to a local network. Requires an ADSL or cable to connect to the internet.
  • Wireless Routers – Offers connectivity to any computers within range of the wireless network. Ethernet connections are optional.
  • Wireless Access Points – Allows you to connect computers to the network over a wide area. Perfect for larger businesses.
  • Network Switches – Connect computers to the local network. Newer versions can filter data while sharing network resources.
  • Network Transceiver Modules – each module contains a transmitter and receiver for transmitting data over a network.
  • Network Cards – Circuit boards or chips that are fitted inside a computer, allowing it to connect to the network. Ethernet and wireless cards are available.
  • Network Security Devices – Connects between networks and filters data between them, offering enhanced network security.
  • Interface Cards and Adapters – Expansion boards that can be fitted into your existing computer setup so that it can connect to the network.
  • IP Phones – Allows phone calls to be sent and received over an IP network, rather than via the traditional telephone network.
  • Voice Network Modules – Can convert telephone voice signals into data that can be transmitted over a network.

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With our buy-back program, you can trade in your old equipment against any new items you purchase from Equipment HQ. We offer free audits for Cisco products that you sell to us to help you determine what equipment needs to be upgraded and how much it will cost. Furthermore, we ensure that all equipment you trade with us is handled sensitively and all private information is removed before recycling. You can rely on our team of qualified and reliable engineers to find the right networking solutions for your business. Get in touch with our expert team today to learn more about our range of services.

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