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Ever since they appeared on the scene in 1996, Juniper Networks have fast become one of the top names in high-quality networking solutions.

Juniper Networks aim to create products that streamline network operations while making them more efficient and eco-friendly. This has made network hardware from Juniper of high value, and even used hardware has ongoing value when repurposed.

We can offer you great deals when you sell us your old Juniper hardware or buy repurposed hardware from us. Here are some of the benefits that come with buying hardware made by Juniper Networks.

Why choose Juniper Networks solutions?

  • Compared to many of their competitors, Juniper makes high-end networking products that smaller businesses can afford.
  • Juniper designs their networking products, so that anyone can use them. You don’t have to be a certified expert to run your network with Juniper.
  • Juniper continues to research new networking solutions, especially when it comes to virtualisation and remote office software.
  • While other network firms direct their focus to other markets, Juniper remains solely focused on improving the quality of their networking solutions for businesses.

What can Juniper Networks Hardware offer me?

Some services offered by Juniper Networks include:

  • Cloud services that are scalable to your business needs and able to automate key tasks.
  • Ethernet switching for improving both user experiences and the economics of your network.
  • The Junos network operating system, which smoothly handles the entire routing, switching, and security infrastructure.
  • Routers that offer first-rate capacity and reliability for the best operational experience.
  • Security products that can find and deal with any threats to the network quickly and efficiently.
  • Plus a range of networking software in physical, virtual and cloud based platforms.

Why should I sell Juniper Networks hardware to Equipment HQ?

Even if you no longer need your old Juniper hardware, that should not mean the end of its life. Rather than discarding your old hardware, you can trade it in for something newer. In turn, there are other businesses that can benefit from using the old hardware that you have traded in. In the end, selling your hardware benefits you as well as the buyer, and makes sure the hardware has a longer life.

Here at Equipment HQ, we believe that upgrading your hardware should not leave you out of pocket. At the same time, we know that you need hardware that is reliable and will deliver a top performance. When you trade in your old Juniper products, not only can you use it to offset the cost of newer hardware, but we can audit your hardware for free, so you can make the best choice for your upgrade. In addition, we ensure that everything is handled with care and that all sensitive data is removed before we repurpose the hardware.

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