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The Evolution of Technology in Remote Working

7 September 2021

Evolution of Remote Working

The last year has seen an unprecedented boom in the numbers of people working from home. But though it can certainly feel like it, remote working was not born overnight. Over many years, small advances in remote working and tech have made today’s solutions possible.

Before the internet of course, commuting to the office was a worker’s only choice. This went hand in hand with a boom in large headquarters, sprawling offices and a regular 9 to 5 workday.

The evolution of remote working is tied up with two technologies in particular: the internet and the personal computer.

But these two technologies took time to develop. When the internet first began in 1989, the network wasn’t yet ready to handle the traffic required by home working. On top of this, though more and more households were buying personal computers, the full potential of the tech was a long way off.

So how did we get here?

The Evolution of Remote Working: Better, Faster, Stronger

Computers have been a part of the office for decades, but transferring data between home and the office had always been difficult. Fortunately, as tech got smaller, we no longer had to rely on floppy disks.

The rise of powerful laptops has allowed workers to effortlessly take their workstation with them wherever they go. Alongside the latest smartphones, the modern worker can instantly get in touch with the office.

But the evolution of remote working isn’t just about the hardware. The ease and convenience of home working has been made possible by faster networks.

With better speeds, workers can now effortlessly host virtual meetings, complete with high quality webcams and audio. Alongside this, file sharing is easier than ever. We can say goodbye to floppy disks and USB sticks thanks to quick upload speeds, the cloud, and live collaborative documents.

But hand in hand with faster internet speeds is the need for secure networks. With documents now in the cloud rather than a filing cabinet, it takes a different approach to keep companies secure.

Nowadays, it’s increasingly common for businesses big and small to consult experts on IT security. Two factor authentication is standard on most remote equipment, alongside encryption on messages and documents. Employees too are being trained to spot the signs of suspicious e-mails and software.

Equipment HQ: Remote Working and Tech Leaders

The evolution of remote working continues today. And remote working is only going to grow as more and more companies realise its benefits. Though the technology is getting faster and safer, that doesn’t mean that its getting more expensive.

In fact, refurbished hardware is just one way companies can get reliable performance and safety at a fraction of the cost of the latest kit. Refurbished hardware is also more sustainable, and easy to upgrade if and when you need to.

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