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Jargon Busting Common IT terms

8 March 2021

IT- Jargon Busting Common IT Terms

There is a lot of IT jargon out there that the common user can find hard to understand. Not everyone is an IT expert and knowing a Cat5 from a DDoS can be confusing. So, here is some commonly used IT jargon and what each term means in plain English.


A common unit that measures the size of data. We use bytes per second (bps) to measure how fast a connection to the Internet is: Mbps is a million bytes per second while Gbps is a billion bytes per second.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing allows businesses to store, access and interact with data over the internet rather than through a local network. Businesses use this to keep onsite storage costs down and to keep data safe and secure through a dedicated cloud storage company.


DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service. It is a form of attack that uses multiple computers to flood a network with traffic and data. The effect of this attack is that it slows or stops the network from functioning, effectively preventing it from providing a service.


Ethernet is a commonly used technology for connecting your computer to a network. This involves access to an Ethernet card and Ethernet cables that connect the card to the network. Common Ethernet cables include Cat5 and Cat5e that can transmit up to 100 megabytes per second, and Cat6 which can transmit 10 gigabytes per second.

Edge Computing

Edge computing involves storing and processing data close to the source where they are created. This helps to prevent any issues with sending or retrieving data from external sources that could affect the processing of data.


LAN stands for Local Area Network and WAN stands for Wide Area Network. A LAN is defined by its physical space, usually limited to a home or office layout. A WAN covers a much larger area, such as an area covered by an internet service provider.


This is a method that hackers use to trick people into giving them data or access to their system. Phishing often involves creating a fake website or email with malicious links or code attached. It is vital that you and your staff understand how best to identify and avoid any phishing emails.


A device that passes data and traffic between a device and the internet. A router with wireless capabilities can connect multiple devices to the internet and each other without the need for a direct wired connection.


A subnetwork is a segmented piece of a larger network. Subnetting involves turning parts of a network into smaller subnetworks in order to minimise traffic and increase network speeds and performance.


A technology that allows devices to connect to a network using radio waves and without the need for any cables. The term Wi-Fi is a unique term that the Wi-Fi Alliance has trademarked. You will need a wireless router in order to connect to a Wi-Fi network.

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