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Common IT Security Issues

5 March 2021

IT Security Issues

No matter the style of business you run, you should be aware of the ongoing risk of IT security issues. Risks can come in many forms: from unauthorised access to full scale attacks that can be disastrous for any business. If you have good quality server security in place you can make sure you can identify and guard against any risks. This will help prevent hackers from gaining remote access to your server. Therefore, here are some of the most common IT security issues out there and how best to fix them.

Malicious Code

Sometimes hackers are able to gain remote access to your data by inserting malicious code somewhere in your system. They have been known to insert this code into applications, scripts, operating systems and more. This can lead to hackers stealing or destroying data, stealing IDs or even taking over the server itself. To protect your data you should use programs that filter input by keeping data separate from commands or queries. Input validation tools will also protect your data from malicious code, as will a regularly updated firewall.

Data Breach

Data breaches occur where the wrong people gain access to some or all of your data. These are one of the most common IT security issues and can be the most damaging. These can happen through a brute force attack or access through a compromised account. In all cases, data breaches can be very costly for your business. To make sure your server security can keep data safe from breaches you should make sure all site traffic is encrypted and permissions are set up correctly for all users. It is also a good idea to teach employees safe password practices and how to avoid risks like phishing attacks.


Email is one of the most common ways that hackers can gain remote access to your data. Some emails will be made to look as though they come from official sources, which can trick staff into opening them. This can lead to threats like ransomware where hackers can encrypt your data and force you to pay a fee to get it back. Having a robust email scanning and filtering system should be the first line of defence. Also, staff education on what to look out for in emails is crucial. If any malware infects your system you will need to make sure to thoroughly scrub it with automated tools.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

This kind of attack involves hackers using multiple systems to flood your network with traffic. This will bring your server to a standstill and prevent your business from engaging in any online activity. In turn, this can cost your business both money and resources. This can also have the effect of harming other businesses that use the same server or network. In order to plan for IT security issues like DDoS attacks it is vital to have a disaster recovery plan in place, making sure that all staff and clients are aware of the risks. Server security tools that can temporarily close off affected ports and real time monitoring software can add additional protection.

Malicious Staff

While we all hope we can trust our employees, there is a very real risk that some may attack your server from the inside. Whatever reason a staff member may have for attacking your server, it is crucial that you have ways of limiting their access should such an event occur. Make sure each staff member has the right level of security for their access and monitor the network with audit and transaction logs to find out if any attack has occurred. If you detect an attack by an insider make sure their access is revoked immediately and that the proper authorities are informed.

Equipment HQ

Here at Equipment HQ we can provide an easy, reliable and cost effective solution to any IT security issues. For a flat monthly fee we can offer you secure network support that is fast and efficient when dealing with security risks. To find out more about our network support options, contact us online or via phone today.

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