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Why You Should Sell Your Old Business IT Hardware

12 May 2021

Selling business IT hardware

As your equipment reaches the end of its lifecycle, you should consider how best to dispose of your obsolete hardware. There are a few options available: destruction, refurbishment, donation and recycling IT hardware. But perhaps the most viable option to consider is that of selling business IT hardware. That said, there are a few questions you should ask if you are planning on selling your old hardware. 

Is data security an issue? Is selling hardware environmentally friendly? Here are some things you should consider when selling business IT hardware.

Selling Business IT Hardware vs Recycling IT Hardware

Perhaps the best reason to choose selling your old hardware is that it will help provide funding towards future purchases. By selling obsolete technology and hardware you can keep its shelf life going a bit longer while using the money earned to invest in newer hardware. 

In addition, while your old hardware may be outdated for your needs, it can still be of use to others. With all this in mind, there are still some factors to consider before you decide to sell your hardware off.

Is It Safe To Sell Old Hardware?

One very important issue to think about before selling old hardware is that of data security. Even if your old hardware no longer serves your needs, it may still contain vital information such as personal data. Unauthorized access to this information could compromise your business should it fall into the wrong hands. 

Before selling business IT hardware you need to go through a process of erasing all data on the system first. Begin by backing up all your data and signing out of any accounts and then removing them from the system. After that, erase any data from the computer’s hardware so that it’s completely safe to hand over to any third parties.

Other Options For Obsolete Hardware Disposal

If you decide that selling business IT hardware is not a viable option, there are other ways for disposing of old equipment. Some companies are dedicated to destroying old hardware, particularly if they contain sensitive data, but this is not always efficient or environmentally friendly.

Recycling IT hardware is a much more environmentally friendly choice that allows for the reuse and refurbishment of old hardware for new purposes. Otherwise, you can always choose to donate hardware if you are unable to find a buyer, making sure data security measures have been dealt with first.

How Equipment HQ Can Help

At Equipment HQ we provide a range of services that ensure you have the best network for your business. Our team of engineers and consultants provide services such as recycling old hardware, selling refurbished networks, maintenance and repairs and more.

We have over 40 years of combined experience in the IT industry, and we work with leading brands like HP, Cisco and IBM to provide the best solutions for our clients. To find out more about our services contact our friendly team online or via phone. For the best options for selling business IT hardware contact Equipment HQ today.

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