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Cisco Partner Support Services


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Product: Cisco Partner Support Services


Partner Support Service (PSS) provides qualified Cisco channel partners with the tools and information to improve operational support margins or build a range of new support services practices to help expand your business. A collaborative PSS offering is purchased by you, and delivered by you, the partner, with the support of the Cisco services infrastructure. This is different from Cisco Branded Services whereby a partner sells the service offering and Cisco fulfills it.

You, the partner, develop and deploy services based on both foundational and smart capabilities and retain primary responsibility for providing support to your end users under your own brand of collaborative service enabled by PSS. Partner Support Service is structured to allow for a phased implementation.

Foundational Services

At the foundation of Cisco Partner Support Service is Cisco’s award-winning technical support service, which offers you anytime access to Cisco engineers and an extensive range of technical resources, which provides the following:

– Cisco Technical Assistance Center (TAC)
– Software downloads and updates
– Advance hardware replacement
– Online technical resources (
– Optional onsite support

Smart Capabilities

PSS’s differentiation is in the form of software-enabled smart capabilities that can be deployed when your business operations and IT infrastructure are ready. These smart capabilities are available to you at no additional charge and provide:

– Installed Base and Contract Management and Alert Reporting
– Proactive Device Diagnostics , powered by Cisco Smart Call Home® technology
– Smart Application Programming Interfaces (“Smart APIs”).


Service time (hours x days) 24×7
Response time 4 h
Compatibility AIR-CAP2602IEK9-RF
Technical details
Service time (hours x days) 24×7
Response time 4 h
Compatibility AIR-CAP2602IEK9-RF

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