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Why Network Security Matters

20 October 2020

Importance of network security

As we are increasingly moving to an online world, new threats are springing up as immoral people try to take advantage of new technology for their own gain. Network security is something that should be high on every business’s priority list. With the latest GDPR legislation, it is rarely an option, no matter which industry you work in.

What is Network Security?

Your network’s security is the process and policy where network access and usage is monitored. Unregistered users will be kept out and registered users will be kept safe. This means making sure that secure network protocols are written up and accessible to those who enforce the protocols. Some companies make network protection a difficult process. This leads network users to install shortcuts, write down frequently changed passwords or take other actions without realising that they are a gift to IT-skilled criminals.

Protecting your business’ data is not just a private concern. Under the various GDPR laws, it is a criminal offence to fail to protect your customer’s information. There are ways that you can take steps to strengthen your network’s security, protecting the entire network from unwanted access.

How Do Network Security Keys Work?

A network security key is basically the password you use to access the internet. Every IT department should have something in place to prevent random strangers from accessing information that should not be in the public domain.

Any network is only as safe as the weakest link, and usually in businesses that is someone in the user chain. There is bound to be one person in any medium-sized company who does not understand the need for tight controls over network access. This is usually because they are basically honest, and cannot understand why or how criminals will hone in on an unguarded access point or overly obvious password.

Passwords should be changed regularly, by simply putting an expiry date on any password to force the change. Speedy workstation timeouts can make sure that data is not exposed to passers-by for longer than a minute or two. The best way to ensure that your employees adhere to network safety protocols is with regular training to keep the rules and policies clear.

Does a Firewall Defend Your Data?

Your network might be vulnerable in a number of ways. For example, online attacks targeting your network security firewall and anti-virus software. Therefore, firewalls should be updated often and strengthened wherever possible. Cyber criminals work on cracking software as soon as it is released. The older your protections are, the more likely that a criminal can demolish your defences in a flash. All software downloads should be funnelled through and approved by IT departments who check them carefully for harmful codes before approving them for use. The location of the server room should also be known to as few people as possible. As long as all of the other security protocols are in place, network security firewalls work well.

Network Security Threats Can Be Managed

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today. We will be able to assess how we can keep you and your business keep safe from any potential harm.

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