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Why Is Great IT Infrastructure So Important?

5 June 2019

An illustration showing IT infrastructure and connectivity

Having a great IT infrastructure has become increasingly important over the last few years. With the continued development of the Internet of Things, the increasing need for instant gratification and reliability and the ever-growing concerns about security, your IT infrastructure is a vital part of your operation.

With a great IT infrastructure, you can unlock an array of benefits, from increased productivity and efficiency to better security and and data management, Equipment HQ understands that every IT infrastructure should be unique to the business and this is something that we specialise in. Our solutions are built for your business only and what solution worked for you when you first started may not be suitable for you now. We like to ensure that you IT infrastructure grows as your business does as this is important to take advantage of the points stated above. So is it time to upgrade?

My business is suffering from a lot of downtime

Whether it’s server failures, slow software or connectivity issues that are getting you down, upgrading your IT infrastructure could be an excellent step forward and a push towards greater efficiency. Recent news states that downtime costs the UK manufacturing sector alone £180 billion a year, it’s easy to see the impact downtime has on business operations. Whilst your IT infrastructure may not extend to machinery and other industrial equipment, any amount of downtime has a significant effect on productivity, which makes getting it under control and subsequently minimised important. Incompatible hardware is another issue that can cause much downtime as well as see the rise of unnecessary costs.

My current IT infrastructure is not cost effective

High energy bills may mean that your equipment is not efficient enough, or if your IT solution is too expensive then it could be a sign that you are with the wrong provider. Older equipment will require regular updates and frequent repairs to ensure they work. This usually means more callouts and phone support which of course mounts up over the financial year. Buying a new IT infrastructure may seem expensive at first, but when weighed up against the ongoing costs of maintaining an older setup, it is likely to cost much less in the long term.

End-of-Life software!

Its a fact that all major developers build in and end-of -life date into the software that will be the time that they no longer release updates for that specific piece of equipment. This has some major ramifications on your business, such as being more vulnerable to a cyber attack, higher chance of incompatibility with other vendors equipment that may be sitting on your network and this will in time cause instability, which can cause downtime, which may need a callout which costs more money. It’s a vicious cycle.

These are just a few of the reasons why great infrastructure is so important in modern business. Hesitation about upgrading your IT infrastructure is perfectly understandable. It still works, doesn’t it? Why spend money where you don’t have to? The reality is that by leaving end-of-life equipment, operating systems, and network infrastructure running, you are not taking advantage of newer, more efficient, and more secure information technology.

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