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Why Do I Need To Upgrade My Network?

18 June 2019

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All network traffic is going to increase with the integration of IoT in to everyday life, but many networks aren’t ready for it. Here are a few reasons you will need to upgrade.

Your network traffic is going to increase!

The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and a host of other factors are all affecting your network today. Your network traffic is something that is getting bigger every year. In fact, network traffic worldwide has increased by 3 times in the last 5 years alone. This should not surprise you given that there are so many devices connected online and the fact that video streaming services are so popular. There are now an expected 23 billion “things” or interconnected devices to be online at this point.

Is your network infrastructure capable of handling such a massive increase in internet traffic? Maybe it needs an upgrade. Updating or upgrading your wireless network can also allow you to future proof the network by increasing its ability to handle upcoming, futuristic functionalities. This means that the next time you update or upgrade your system it has the possibility of doing things it can’t right now.

Network Security Threats Explained

Never underestimate a hacker!

Todays hackers are more sophisticated than ever before; they are smarter and more than capable of penetrating into an older network. If you are not being proactive about the online security of your business, then now is the time to focus! Even the most secure networks still get hacked from time to time. However, an older, less secure network will get hacked eventually.

End of life dates for network hardware is a really important issue. The end of life date will determine when the updates will stop being rolled out for that particular piece of network hardware. This reason alone is why we are super focussed on helping businesses upgrade their network. Do not get caught out, prevention s cheaper than the cure as they say.

Your employees are connected more now than ever.

Employees these days expect to be allowed to work from anywhere, they can demand anytime, anywhere access to the business applications. Cloud computing is a major development and can improve productivity and of course connectivity. It is almost impossible to provide this if you are still using an old network infrastructure then it could be time for an upgrade.

Also, if your business is expanding and bringing on new people, this will mean adding new technologies and applications, or begin offering new products or services to your customers, you may need additional networking equipment to handle the increased workloads and traffic.

Apparently, your network is 11x times slower than it should be.

If you have an older network, it is probably not going to be able to support the growing technological demands of the workforce of today. Wireless technology today will allow you to work anytime, anywhere, at amazing speeds. Wireless access points, for example, can deliver speeds of 7 Gbps or higher, which is about 11 times faster than what we had only a few years ago. The older network infrastructures cannot handle this. Wireless technology in 2019 allows your employees work anytime, anywhere, at breakneck speeds.

Still not convinced?

These are just a few of the reasons why upgrading your network hardware to run alongside the growing demand for anytime, anywhere working is so important in modern business. Its understandable having hesitation when thinking about upgrading your network. It still works, doesn’t it? Why spend money where you don’t have to? The reality is that by leaving end-of-life equipment, operating systems, and network infrastructure running, you are not taking advantage of newer, more efficient, and more secure information technology.

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