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Remote Working Infrastructure: The Technical Changes

28 April 2021

Remote working infrastructure

One of the largest shifts that has occurred in the past year is the rise of remote working infrastructure. As more businesses have had to switch from brick-and-mortar work sites to online work, they also have had to invest in more hardware to support these new remote workers. Therefore, what kind of hardware should they look at putting in? Is cloud computing the answer, and if so what sort of cloud infrastructure should they look at? Finally, will restored hardware prove a less costly solution for an increase in remote working.

Solutions for Teams Working Remotely

There are a number of essential tools that are vital for building a remote working infrastructure. These are:

  • Remote desktop software that allows you to access your work from any place.
  • Telepresence software that allows remote workers to feel connected when working together.
  • Video conferencing software for online team meetings.
  • Project management software that allows all team members to know their tasks, roles and goals.
  • Time management software so all team members know the time frames for tasks.
  • Security software such as email and network that makes sure the network, emails and more remain safe.

These tools will help make sure that all team members feel connected and know the work involved even when working remotely.

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of IT services over a network, in most cases over the Internet. Using the cloud for remote work helps team members to access work quickly from any place. By buying cloud infrastructure businesses can easily scale their network setup according to the number of remote staff. Also, cloud infrastructure means servers do not have to be looked after on site. This can cut down on costs while making sure there is greater security and compliance. As such, investing in cloud technology will make sure you have the best remote working infrastructure in place.

How Refurbished IT Equipment Can Help

If your business is looking at remote working then buying restored IT hardware is the most cost-effective way. Restored hardware will work as good as new with no sacrifice in quality, performance or reliability. With restored hardware you can find high-quality products from the likes of Cisco, HP and Microsoft teams without going over budget. Restored hardware is tested to make sure they perform at their best before being sold. In this way you can be sure you will be getting the most reliable equipment for your remote working infrastructure.

How Equipment HQ Can Help

Here at Equipment HQ we supply a range of high-quality network equipment for our clients at affordable prices. We are fully qualified engineers who will ensure your network is installed and maintained perfectly according to your needs. We consult with a range of IT providers like Cisco, IBM and Microsoft teams to ensure all equipment is in top working order and futureproof. To find out more about our range of remote network equipment and services visit us online or contact us via phone. For the best service and equipment for your remote network, contact Equipment HQ today.

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