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Cisco Meraki LIC-MX75-SDW-5Y IT support service


Manufacturer: Cisco

Condition: New

£6,118.24 Excl VAT£7,403.07 Incl VAT

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Product: Cisco Meraki LIC-MX75-SDW-5Y IT support service


Secure SD-WAN Plus License Ideal for organizations reliant on apps served by SaaS, IaaS, or data center locations. – Cloud-based centralized management with open APIs and 24×7 enterprise support – True zero-touch provisioning and firmware updates – Site-to-site Auto VPN – Client VPN – Traffic shaping and prioritization – Automatic WAN failover – Sub-second site-to-site VPN failover and dynamic path selection – Source based routing and IP-based local breakout – Cellular failover – Geo-based firewall rules – Content filtering – Intrusion Detection & Prevention – Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) – Advanced QoE analytics – Web app health – VoIP health – WAN health – App-based local breakout


License term in years 5 year(s)
Service time (hours x days) 24×7
Compatibility Cisco Meraki MX75

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