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Cisco Female DCE RS232 Cable – 3 m networking cable Grey


Manufacturer: Cisco

Condition: New

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Product: Cisco Female DCE RS232 Cable – 3 m networking cable Grey


One of the most complicated parts of setting up a network system (router, switch, hub, or access server) is the selection of the serial cables to connect the network system to the serial devices in your network. There are many different serial cables with seemingly similar features, and finding the correct cable can be a challenge. The information that follows will quickly and easily guide you through the process of selecting the right serial cables for your network. Selecting the proper serial cable is as easy as knowing the answers to three questions: Is the network system being connected to a DTE or DCE device? What signaling standard does the device require? Is a male or female connector required on the cable?


Technical details
Product colour Grey
Cable length 3 m
Product colour Grey
Cable length 3 m
Weight & dimensions
Weight 340 g
Other features
Connector(s) male DB-60 connector on the Cisco end and a male DB-25 connector

Additional Specifications



Cable length


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