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Five Things to Consider When Disposing of Old Technology

3 December 2021

So, your old computer has reached the end of its useful life, and you intend on getting rid of it. Yet, when it comes to how to dispose of old computers, the last thing you should do is just throw them in the bin. Your computer contains valuable information, and you don’t want anything sensitive to fall into the wrong hands. To keep your private data safe, you need to know the best way to dispose of old hardware. Here is our guide on how to safely dispose of old computers.

1. Delete Your Data.

The first step in how to dispose of old computers is to completely delete all your old data. Make sure any data you may want to keep is backed up onto a secondary device first. After that, you can manually delete the content you wish to remove. Alternatively, you can go into settings to find the option to remove all data from the device.

2. Factory Reset Your Computer.

The next step in how to dispose of old hardware is to reset your computer back to its factory settings. This will leave only the operating system and any pre-installed programs on your device, while ensuring all your personal data is wiped. This will leave your computer in a completely new state for any new users to work with.

3. Use Data Shredding Software.

Even if you delete everything and factory reset your computer, there is always a chance that some hidden data will remain. The next step in the process of disposing of an old computer is to use data shredding software. This software will locate any piece of hidden data on your computer and completely erase it so that it cannot be retrieved.

4. Remove Your Hard Drive.

Another step when it comes to learning how to dispose of old computers is to completely remove the hard drive. If you would prefer to simply dispose of the hardware without losing the data, then you can always place it in an external case and turn it into a USB hard drive. Alternatively, physically destroying the hard drive, so it is unrecoverable, is another tactic for disposing of old hardware.

5. Visit the Experts.

The final step in learning how to dispose of old computers reliably and safely is to take them to the experts at Equipment HQ. Here at Equipment HQ, we can perform a range of procedures including comprehensive data wipes and overwrites to make sure your computer is completely clear. Speak with our team to learn the best way to dispose of your old hardware safely.

Equipment HQ

Here at Equipment HQ, you can always trade in your old and unwanted hardware for something new. Not only will recycling your equipment ensure it continues proving useful to others, but also reduces harm to the environment through landfills. To find out more about our disposal and recycling services, get in touch with us today.

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