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The Evolution Of Technology In Education

The last decade has seen a massive change in the way learning is delivered in schools. Touch screen technology has now become a key focus in all levels of teaching, from primary to further education, and this fits in with societal changes as students young and not so young [...]

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Why Do I Need To Upgrade My Network?

Why Upgrade My Network? For Network Security & More.All network traffic is going to increase with the integration of IoT in to everyday life, but many networks aren’t ready for it. Here are a few reasons you will need to upgrade. Your network traffic is going to increase! The [...]

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Why Is Great IT Infrastructure So Important?

Why Is Great IT Infrastructure So Important? Having a great IT infrastructure has become increasingly important over the last few years. With the continued development of the Internet of Things, the increasing need for instant gratification and reliability and the ever-growing concerns about security, your IT infrastructure is a [...]

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Retiring Old Network Equipment – Points To Consider

The decision of whether to keep old network equipment or replace it with newer products is a challenge most businesses face every few years. The current rate of technological advances mean that if you are using computers and hardware that are over 5 years old, then you really should be evaluating their [...]

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A Network Upgrade – When Is The Right Time?

Implementing a refresh of network equipment requires businesses to plan ahead. If your current hardware is slow, performs poorly, or has repeated breakdowns, then it is definitely time to purchase new products. However, before you go out and buy a fleet of premium equipment, it is worth taking some time [...]

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Hardware Disposal – How Recycling Electronic Waste Improves Business Profits

For many companies, disposing of their old electronic products is often an after-thought, with awareness of EU legislation at a worrying low. Network equipment contains a complex mixture of materials, and some can become toxic to the environment if illegally disposed of. The authorities are beginning to crack-down on unregulated dumping, and [...]

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Cyber Security For Small Businesses – 4 Security Tips For Start-Ups

Cyber security is fast becoming a major concern for companies of all sizes, with 46% of UK businesses reporting a security breach in the last 12 months! For start-ups, it is best to practice good cyber security measures from day one, as this will ensure that your company stays [...]

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