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Should I Buy Refurbished IT Hardware?

16 December 2020

Refurbished IT Hardware

When looking at new systems for your workplace you should consider refurbished IT hardware. While you may think the latest technology is the best option, this is not always the case. Refurbished IT equipment can offer speed, performance and support at a fraction of the cost. So, what are the main reasons for having refurbished servers? And why should you choose to buy them over brand new hardware? Let us look at the benefits of refurbished IT hardware.

Benefits of Refurbished IT Hardware


New hardware may boast the latest features but may have hidden bugs and faults. With restored hardware you can be sure it has been tried and tested and that any faults have been found and fixed.


In places that have similar hardware, replacing one is often easier when it comes to restored models. This is also true with hardware running custom software that has been tested on old systems but may not work with new ones.


Learning to use new hardware takes time and resources. Yet, giving your staff similar hardware will make it easier to fix and maintain. Also, your suppliers may still provide a wide range of OEM support.


Restored hardware allows you to upgrade RAM, hard disks and more at less cost compared to new models. They also let you transition to new hardware at a cheaper rate.

Reasons to Purchase Refurbished IT Hardware?

Buying refurbished IT equipment can have the following benefits:


The main benefit of restored hardware is that you can save money compared to buying new. In some cases you may even save around 50%.


During the refurbishment period the hardware will be tested for performance and reliability, and any faults will be patched.


Buying restored hardware means less material ending up in landfill. By recycling the equipment you make a positive impact on the environment.


Perhaps an older model can do things that a new one cannot. Creating a market for restored equipment means that older models are still available even if the manufacturers stop making them.

Buying From Equipment HQ

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