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How to Avoid Security Issues When Recycling Network Hardware

18 January 2021

Recycling Network Hardware

Why should you recycle your network hardware?

Network hardware recycling has become a serious issue. The disposal of electronic equipment is regulated by the UK Government. The aim is to reduce the amount of electrical waste that ends up in our landfill sites. Because electrical items release harmful toxins, not only are you reducing pressure on landfill, you’re also helping the environment. Only 2% of material in a computer is not recyclable, which means almost all of it can be reused. That includes casings, keyboards, cables and circuitry. There’s also the issue of data security. Unless it’s completely wiped, throwing out hardware doesn’t get rid of the information it contains. Recycling your hardware could also benefit worthy causes around the world. A number of charitable organisations give old hardware a new life with disadvantaged children.

How do you recycle network hardware?

Disposing of unwanted hardware has become more complex than merely hiring a skip. But there’s an easy way to recycle network equipment that still works. Simply hand it down to a less critical area of the business. Before disposing of obsolete hardware, make sure you back up the data it contains. The data should then be completely removed from the equipment being recycled. This is not a simple process, and you may need some professional help.

What are your options?

There are now a number of options for network hardware recycling. One is to find one of those charitable organisations we mentioned and donate the equipment to them. Computer Aid have given over 14.5 million disadvantaged people access to technology. Take a look at their website for information on what to do. If your hardware is still in reasonable condition, some online research could uncover opportunities to re-sell it. In addition, a number of hardware suppliers have set up programs for buying back old equipment. This is also worth a little research. Some local councils run schemes for the recycling of electrical equipment. Check with your council or on the Environment Agency website for more information.

The benefits of using professionals

If you want to avoid the pitfalls of network hardware recycling, a professional company can help. It’s important to be aware of current regulations so that you don’t fall foul of the law. A professional service will provide that experience and knowledge. You can avoid the hassle of deciding which is the right option. That leaves you free to get on with running your business. You can also rest easy in the knowledge that your equipment has been disposed of properly.

Legal and security risks

The disposal and recycling of network hardware can be fraught with financial risk. If you fail to follow Government guidelines you can be hit with a substantial fine. That alone is a risk not worth taking. Even more potentially damaging is sensitive data falling into the wrong hands. It’s estimated that millions of pounds have been lost this way. The professional service we provide at Equipment HQ can eliminate these risks. If you’d like to know how we can help, why not contact us today.

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