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Jargon Busting – Techie Terms Explained

There are lots of tech based terms when it comes to networks. So, to help you get your head around them, we've explained them in plain English. WiFi A standard for connecting devices using radio waves. The term Wi-Fi does not stand for anything, but is a trademarked [...]

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Why Do I Need To Upgrade My Network?

All network traffic is going to increase with the integration of IoT in to everyday life, but many networks aren’t ready for it. Here are a few reasons you will need to upgrade.  Your network traffic is going to increase! The Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and a host [...]

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Why Is Great IT Infrastructure So Important?

Why Is Great IT Infrastructure So Important? Having a great IT infrastructure has become increasingly important over the last few years. With the continued development of the Internet of Things, the increasing need for instant gratification and reliability and the ever-growing concerns about security, your IT infrastructure is [...]

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The E-Privacy Regulation – What It Means For Your Business

While the European business community awaits and adapts to the upcoming GDPR legislation, the EU e-Privacy changes have not garnered the same level of attention. Although the new rules are not yet in force, it is essential that companies start to take on board what the changes will mean, and how they [...]

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5 IT Disasters & How You Can Resolve Them

When network hardware fails it can be a frustrating experience for employees and the business owner – nothing kills productivity like machines that refuse to work! Although there can be many things that go wrong with IT equipment, there are some scenarios that are more likely to occur than others. We [...]

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How To Properly Maintain Your Network Equipment

In order to get the best performance from your computer network, it is crucial that once you have purchased any equipment, you maintain it to an exceptional standard. Failure to do so is likely to cause issues that could have been avoided and significantly increase your IT repair budget. [...]

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Retiring Old Network Equipment – Points To Consider

The decision of whether to keep old network equipment or replace it with newer products is a challenge most businesses face every few years. The current rate of technological advances mean that if you are using computers and hardware that are over 5 years old, then you really should be evaluating their [...]

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