About Us

Equipment HQ is a leading supplier in network equipment and specialists in buying back your used network hardware or IT kit.  IT and Network infrastructure can be complex and time consuming.  We aim to take that all off your hands by delivering the best and most effective network solution possible or supply the emergency spare that needs a fast turnaround.

Similarly, we will offer you a very competitive price for networking you no longer need to offset against buying new kit.
Our head office is in Bishops Stortford (very close by to Stansted airport) meaning we can usually offer a fast international or European service at short notice.

As well as our office near London we also have an office in the West of England, meaning our UK shipments can often be same day by our in-house logistics team.

We offer easy payments, flexible terms and have a large list of available stock.

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What Makes Us Stand Out?

Why Should I Recycle My Network Equipment?

Network hardware recycling is more important now than ever before as we navigate a world of complex technology and computing networks. With technology in a constant state of development, network hardware becomes installed and replaced within a few years just to keep a functional, reliable, and efficient computing web throughout an organisation.

These days network hardware is replaced at such a constant rate, so it’s important that this equipment is being disposed of in an acceptable fashion. Equipment HQ offers organisations the ability to properly recycle their unused, unwanted and old network hardware in a safe and secure manner.

What’s more, your organisation doesn’t have to worry about losing valuable time or productivity trying to pack up and send off your unwanted network hardware. Equipment HQ comes to your place of business to pick up your old network hardware for responsible recycling.